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    Jumbo expands meal delivery programme


    Dutch retailer Jumbo is expanding the scope of its meal delivery service. After a successful test in Groningen, customers from Amsterdam and Utrecht can also get their meals delivered at home or at work; those in Eindhoven use the pick-up service at the train station.


    Supermarket becomes takeaway

    The trial in Groningen, where Takeaway.com's local branch Thuisbezorgd.nl delivers the meals, is such a big success that it is expanded to other cities. Those in Amsterdam or Utrecht can get their pizzas, salads or sushi delivered at home or at work by a courier on an electric bike. In Eindhoven, commuters can pick up their orders at the supermarket at the central station: the available range there consists of whole meals, a selection of fresh produce and drinks like shakes or smoothies.


    "Jumbo wants to be there where the customer is, so delivering freshly prepared meals at home or at work is a logical step for us. Moreover, we notice that the demand for delicious and healthy meals is growing. Using the freshly prepared products from our own kitchen in the Foodmarkt and City stores, we are in an excellent place to satisfy that demand", CFO Ton van Veen said during the FSIN congress in Amsterdam.


    'City' is the urban store concept that Jumbo developed after integrating restaurant chain La Place. The city centre stores are focused on products for immediate consumption, be it on-the-go or in-store - or, with this new trial, at home or at work.