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    MediaMarkt opens marketplace

    MediaMarkt opens marketplace

    Electronics chain MediaMarkt wants to open an online market place in May 2020. This would debut in Germany and should make it possible to expand the product range on offer.?


    Improve omni-channel

    In its latest outlook, MediaMarkt's parent company Ceconomy stated that it wants to place an added focus on digital growth and improve the omni-channel experience. Its new website is already live in Germany, and will be rolled out to other countries as well. In addition, in-store staff will receive a smartphone with a special app, that will help them to assist customers with their purchases. All of this should lead to greater efficiency and higher customer satisfaction.


    Part of the chain's turn towards e-commerce will be the creation of a marketplace, as Twinkle magazine has discovered. The marketplace will, in all likelihood, be integrated into the MediaMarkt platform and should allow the chain to expand the (online) range and improve the availability of articles. The intention is to launch the marketplace in Germany in the May of next year.